I. The Main idea of the text
    Nowadays, The title of this text is A FABLE FOR TOMORROW, but actually the text is a serious warning. It warns man of the danger of pollution. Though the word “pollution” is not mentioned at all anywhere in the text, it is the very thing the author talks about.
    With the growth of population and of cities, pollution grows accordingly. Now it poses the largest threat to many countries, especially to the advanced industrial countries of the world. It threatens to ruin the beauty of our surroundings and to destroy man himself in the end.
    By giving an example of the imagined town in America, the author warns us that: Something has to be done about pollution, or great misfortunes will fall upon the human race sooner or later just as what has happened to this imagined town!

II. Learning focuses

peace    wild    delight    cattle    shelter
creep    illness    cause    patient    desert    taste
the heart of    seem to do    live in peace with
feed on    famous for    speak of    at work
be lined with    mix sth. with
3.Grammar and structure
The –ed participle -ed 分词(过去分词)
eg. Everybody was excited to hear the news. (表语)
He looks very much surprised . (表语)
I walked into the office and shook hands with a smiling
man named Mr. White. (定语)
4.Difficult sentences
1)The foxes barked in the hills and goats silently crossed the field,half hidden in the fog of the autumn mornings.
[说明](1)half hidden in the fog of the autumn mornings是过去分词短语,充当hills和fields的非限定性定语。
      (2)hide:隐藏,遮掩。如:Clouds hid the sun.云遮住了太阳。The boy hid behind the door.那男孩藏在门后。I couldn't hide my disapponintment.我无法掩饰自己的失望情绪。I couldn't hide this fact from you.我不能对你隐瞒这个事实。
2)So it had been from the days many years ago, when the first settlers raised their houses, sank their wells and built their shelters
[说明](1)so表示上文提到的有关这座城市的情况,是主句中的表语。原正常语序中的位置是在had been之后,因强调而倒装。it代替上述的那个城市。
      (2)关系副词when引导非限定定语从句,修饰days。如:Do you still remember the day when he arrived?你还记得他到达的那一天吗?We decide to put off the meeting till next week,when we won't be so busy.我们决定将会议延期到下周,那时我们就不会这么忙了。
3)The roadsides, once so beautiful, were lined with brown grass as though they had been swept by fire.
[说明]once so beautiful是roadsides的非限定定语。as though引起方式状语从句,谓语had been swept为虚拟语气,与过去事实相反。as though,as if:“仿佛,好像”,引导方式状语从句,可以用陈述语气表示符合事实的情况,也可用虚拟语气表示不符合事实或与事实相反的情况。如:It looks as if it is going to rain.天看起来好像要下雨了。He treats me as though I were a stranger.他待我如陌生人。
4)This town does not actually exist , but it might easily have a thousand examples of this kind in America or elsewhere in the world.
5.Understanding the writing skills of this text.
本文可分三部分。第一部分从第 1 行至 17 行,描述美国中部城镇的美景;第二部分从第 18 至 35 行,描述了污染降临城镇的惨象;最后一部分从第 36 行至 42 行,是作者对人们提出的警告。